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Q: What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is the equivalent of an international notary used under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention. All signatory countries have agreed to recognize as valid, public documents certified by the Apostille. It is a one page document embossed with the great seal of a state. The Apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document (i.e.: Secretary of State, county clerk, judge, Vital records officer or Notary public).

Q: What kind of documents needs Apostille?

Most of the educational, legal, personal and commercial documents intended to be used internationally in one of the signatory countries of the 1961 Hague Convention, needs an Apostille certification before it can be recognized as authentic.

Q: Is the Apostille issued by the Embassy or Consulate?

No. The Apostille is never issued by the embassy or consulate. The Apostille can be obtained from these 3 different sources depending on the type of document:

  • DC Treasurer
  • US Department of State
  • Secretary of State of each state

All personal documents such as Vital records must obtain the Apostille from the Secretary of State where they were issued.

Q: What is Embassy legalization?

A full embassy legalization process is required if you intend to use your document in non-signatory countries of the Hague Convention. Such countries do not recognize or accept an Apostille as an authentic certification. Generally, an embassy legalization will require that the document be certified by both a Notary public and the Secretary of State, then be authenticated by the US Department of State and finally by the foreign embassy.

Q: Do you process documents from any state?


Q: How do I obtain a visa?

Visa requirements vary from one country to another; it also depends on the applicant’s nationality and the type of visa requested. Please call or email us at: info@topflitelegalization.com for further assistance.

Q: How do I get my documents translated?

Scan and email your respective document(s) to us. Top Flite Legalization will then provide you with a quote. Finally, we will complete the translation as soon as you agree with the charge and fully pay your balance.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends quite often on the type of service you need and embassy or consulate involved. It could go from one day to four weeks. Please call or email us at: info@topflitelegalization.com if you need additional information.

Q: What are the terms and conditions of your company?

Please read our terms and conditions below.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Top Flite Legalization is a private agency that specializes in obtaining Apostille and legalization of documents through the appropriate Government departments and embassies in Washington DC.  Top Flite Legalization is not a Government agency or affiliated with any Government department.
  • Top Flite Legalization is neither a legal information website nor a law firm.  Top Flite Legalization does not disseminate legal advice or legal information.
  • Top Flite Legalization reserves the right to alter, update or remove any content or information on the site at any time without prior notice.
  • Please be aware that when Top Flite Legalization submits your respective document(s) to the US Department of State and foreign embassies in Washington DC, there is a risk that it might be rejected.  In this case, the client must work together with Top Flite Legalization to correct any change causing the document to be rejected.
  • It is agreed that any additional fees disbursed by Top Flite Legalization during the legalization process to correct any change or delay is payable by the client.
  • Please be aware that Top Flite Legalization disburses funds to various Government entities and embassies, as well as to local couriers in order to have your respective document(s) apostilled, authenticated or legalized in a timely manner.  Therefore, no sale order(s) can be cancelled after Top Flite Legalization has received your respective document(s) and started the legalization process.  All funds disbursed on the client’s behalf are fully payable by the client.
  • Please be aware that Top Flite Legalization is not responsible for any damaged, delayed or lost mail or package delivered by FedEx, US Postal Service, UPS, DHL or other domestic and international courier companies.

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